Charcoal Heater Paname 500W

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With the electric Paname 500W charcoal lighter, you can heat your natural charcoal within a very short time.

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Charcoal Heater Paname 500W Schwarz

The 500 watt coal lighter heats your coal in a very short time. It comes with a charcoal grid so you can heat several charcoals at once. In addition, the supplied grille protects the heating coil and thus ensures a longer service life.

Paname 500W coal lighter is of course CE approved. Thanks to the rubber feet, the lighter is prevented from sliding around and ensures a secure hold. The temperature is adjustable, you have the choice between 5 levels.

Cable lenght: 100cm

charcoal burner: electric burners
Shipping weight: 1,00 kg
Item weight: 1,00 kg

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